Expert Tax Preparation In 3 Simple Steps:


1. Call Us

Getting Started Is Easy

Our simple 3-step process helps take the stress out of filing taxes. To get started, call us at 844.446.7829 for a short interview. A tax specialist will collect the basic information we need to prepare your return and help you get organized to make sure nothing important is missed.

For new clients, we offer a complimentary initial consultation (up to 15 minutes), by phone, email or in-person where available.

MisterTax is open year-round for tax preparation and assistance with CRA if required.

2. Submit Documents

Convenient Service Options

Choose the service option that works best for you. Use your phone and email us a photo of your slips and receipts, or for large packages, use one of our UPS Store drop-off locations for free delivery. For in-person service, make an appointment at our Aurora office, or arrange to have a tax specialist visit your home or office.

If bookkeeping is required, please include bank and credit card statements, sales invoices and expense receipts with your package.

3. We Prepare Your Return

Accurate and Low Cost

We will contact you if we have any questions or need any clarification while we are working on your return. Once your return is completed, we will contact you to review the results, collect payment and to authorize electronic filing.

We prepare tax returns at all levels of complexity, including self-employment, small business, rental income and corporate - whether you are up to date or years behind in filing. Get started today!

Questions?  Call 844.446.7829 during business hours or email